French Stamps

French stamps
The first French stamps were issued in 1849. The stamps featured Ceres, the Roman goddess for agriculture wth face values from 20 centimes to one franc. This design was used again on stamps for the 1937 Paris Phiplatelic Exhibition, then 1n 1949 for the Stamp Centenary issue and finally in 1999 for the Sesquicentennial issue of the French stamps.

Popular French stamps

The illustrated stamp is considered as one the loveliest of all French stamps issued since the early years. It features the Pont Alexandre III a Parisian bridge at the occasion of the centennial of the telegraph and telephone international Congress (C.I.T.T.).

Stamp collecting is a very popular hobby in France as the French stamps carry a lot of history, world history and magnifiscent landscapes, flora and fauna of the country. Consequently, and contrarily to many collectors from other countryies the French collectors see French stamps more as an investment than as just as nice sticky images.

The One Franc Vermillion

This infamous French stamp was issued on January 2 1849 and used on letters weighing 15g to 100g. This stamp was short-lived because it was recalled before being issued in a new color. The reason was that many people were confusing this stamp with another stamp of a different face value.


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